Is 1440p Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Last Updated on May 25, 2021

Whether or not 1440p is worthy depends on the type of its user. If you play competitive games with high-end performance, 1440p resolutions are all that you need.

Within a moderate budget, a competitive game player has the best option like 1440p.  On the contrary if you aren’t a competitive game player 1440p is not your line. It just won’t be as beneficial for you as you go for some other resolution category.

There are few games that need only 1440p in order to run smoothly, lag-free with such a realistic approach. Since 1440p has around 78% more pixels ratio it costs accordingly and it directly means that not everyone needs 1440p resolution unless you require that.

Why Get a 1440p Monitor That Runs at 144Hz?

The actual reason for using 1440p that runs 144Hz is that a monitor with the high-quality 1440p video result offers you better visuals with detailed graphics. On the other hand the monitor with 144Hz of refresh rate comes with the smooth performance and motion blur reduction.

For an ideal combo, high refresh rate and high resolution is a favorite gamer’s choice.  It is usually expensive and demands more system requirements than a 60Hz monitor would need. Games like Witcher 3 would feel smoother and more appealing with 1440p and 144Hz refresh rate.

With the privilege of getting the benefits of both 1440p and 144Hz at the same time it has become a welcoming task to enjoy eSports and competitive games. Also, you can thoroughly enjoy both high-end smooth visuals with refresh rate in a single gear.

Is 1440p really better than 1080p?

When comparing 1440p with the 1080p HD display, 1440p holds more value and is definitely  better especially for competitive and eSports gaming. Moreover, if you are also a videographer, it will enhance the overall performance.

If you talk about whether 1440p makes a difference to 1080p depends on how much the screen size is and how far you are sitting. Monitor screens that are larger than 27’’ inches can really show a difference as compared with 1080p.

1440p offers your optimal sharpness, means PPI (pixels per inch), accuracy in the image quality, footprint, more screen surface and a broader screen surface.

If you are using 1440p on a cell it makes everything crystal-clear and for computer screens you have to have a broader working space. However, your graphics card will use more pixel count to ensure the maximized performance.

Overall, 1440p is best and has more pros than cons. This is not it 1440p will also offer you sharper and more vibrant color in every frame. It is pretty obvious that a higher resolution ultimately implies more pixels in display.

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